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IP EC S*Ulabrands Sunnyboy


Born: 2004-06-21
Sex: Male Neuter
Father: EC Ulabrands Quintus
Mother: Silverbells Chayenne
EMS-Colour-code: NFO ns 09 22 [NFO n 09 22]
Colour code changed a number of times between ns 09 22 (group 8) and n 09 22 (group 4) (see Results).
In conjunction with the registration of the B-litter he was finally defined as genotypic silver and phenotypic not silver and thus is placed in group 4.
Merits: International Premier & European Champion
6 * NOM
1 * BIV-K, 2 * BIV-V, 1 * BIV-J
4 * BIS Breeding Male
3 * CAP
1 * HP
9 * CACE
3 * CACIB (group 4)
5 * CAC (2 in group 8 and 3 in group 4),
Weight: approx. 5,4 kg
HCM: 2009-01-26 Normal
  2007-10-02 Normal
  2006-09-28 Normal
  2005-09-28 Normal
  2005-02-09 Normal
FIV & FeLV: 2007-10-08 Negative
  2006-03-15 Negative
Blood type: 2007-10-08 A
GSD IV 2008-08-30 Negative

Sunnyboy comes from the same litter as Sunnygirl.

Sunnyboy is the male in the cat-family, that shows very clearly in comparison with the ladies and his neutered son. Everybody adjusts according to what he is doing..

Sunnyboy is the strongest cat in the cattery. He makes the loudest sounds and he is very intensive in what he is doing. He is very persistent if he sets his mind into something. He knows exactly how to charm people to get what he wants. He does not hesitate to trick you to get something he likes. He frequently shows visitors kind attention especially if they have a nice piece of cake that he maybe can get a chance to share. He is also a very active cat and he still plays a lot. Most of all though Sunnyboy is a very charming and loving cat-boy.

Sunnyboy likes a lot of things besides the normal cat food. The absolute favourite food is shrimps, he will eat them faster than I can peel them. To tell that he wants more he will put his paw on my knee or arm and push his head on me. He makes a very special sound when he eats the shrimps that tells you how much he loves them. Other things he loves to eat are crayfish, liver pâté and different kinds of bread. If the bread is placed in a plastic bag he does not regard that as an obstacle, instead he takes the bag and opens it and tastes all the pieces. The Christmas bread last year was a delicacy. It is impossible to leave bread out without covering it up into something that cat teeth or cat claws can not get through. Even if he eats a lot he is still quite slim, he is so active that he uses up all the energy. In addition to that when ha has ladies visiting he does not have time to eat.

When we have guests it is normally Sunnyboy that comes to great them first. If he decides that everything is OK he can have the big show where he shows of how well he and his team can climb on the stair rails. 

Sunnyboy demands at least one one-to-one meeting with me per day. He will rest on the kitchen table on my left arm. My other arm should be used to pet him. He then willingly gives my a face wash with his harsh tongue and he also gives me kisses. If this is at breakfast time and I happen to have liver pâté on my sandwich he demands to get a taste and it normally ends up with that he eats all of it. When breakfast is over he falls asleep in my arms for a while until he is driven by some male impulse to go and look for cat-ladies through our windows. If we don't have time for our special meeting in the morning Sunnyboy will make sure that we have our meeting at some other time during the day.

Just as his sister Sunnyboy can produce a number of different sounds. It goes all the way from a sweet talk with me or some other cat in the cattery to a high cat roar to get the attention from cat-ladies that might pass our house. At night he has an hour where he wanders around in the windows of our house and roars for cat-ladies and then he walks out into the cat-garden and does the same. Sometimes we can see a cat-lady wanting to get close but our female cats makes sure that she does not come close.

Sunnyboy is a smart cat, almost as smart as his sister Sunnygirl. Sunnyboy understands early if something is about to happen that he is not so keen about, like going in the car to our country home or going to an exhibition. When packing is done and it is time to get the cats into their transport cages it is almost impossible to find Sunnyboy. He also decides if he wants his pants on or not and he knows very well that without his pants he is not allowed to move around in the whole house freely. Due to that Sunnyboy started to mark his territory when his son Albert started to become a male Sunnyboy needs to wear his trousers if he is free to go everywhere in the house. He has accepted this very well as long as he himself can decided when. All the time that I am not home he is limited to move around in first floor and in the cat-garden and he always have company by one or more other cats.

From the day that Cajza moved into our house Sunnyboy has shown special love for her. He likes to be close to her and try to get her attention. When they were youngsters they often slept in each others "arms". As they liked each other so much it became natural that they were the two to mate first and on the 9th of December 2005 Cajza gave birth to our first litter consisting of 4 kittens, this was the first litter we had (S*Sunnygirl's A-litter). See  A-litter.

The second lady he mated with was of course Cajza's sister Carmen. On 9th of February 2006 GIC S*Sjöhorvan's Carmen gave birth to our second litter consisting of 5 kittens. See B-litter

In late March 2006 Sunnyboy visited the beautiful CH S*Skogsälvans Shalimar (NFO ns 09 24) in Bollnäs. On May 23rd 2006 Shalimar gave birth to 4 quite kittens. For more info please visit S*Skogsälvans.
We decided not to have the mating between Sunnyboy and Shalimar in our home due to that we had kittens from Carmen's first litter at home and we did not want to confuse things for her and her kittens.
During the autumn 2006 got a very welcome visit from the beautiful IC DK*Lille Persille Felis Jubatus. On December 17 Persille gave birth to 2 quite kittens. For more info please visit Shi’Kahr’s.
In November/December 2006 Sunnyboy had the lovely Tassemarkens Peggy Sue over for a date. On January 30, 2007 Peggy Sue gave birth to 6 healthy kittens. For more info please visit Tassemarkens.
On February 6 - 7, 2007 Sunnyboy got the second litter (our C-litter) together with our GIC S*Sjöhorvan's Cajza. See our C-litter. 20 days later on February 27, 2007 Cajza's sister GIC S*Sjöhorvan's Carmen got her second litter with Sunnyboy. See our D-litter.
On July 14, 2007 Sunnyboy got a litter with 3 girls with the quite S*Glömstaskogens Electra af Affe. For more info please visit S*Robotorpets.
On November 13, 2007 Sunnyboy's last litter was born. The mother is the lovely S*Våra Egna's Amorina. Amorina lives with her owners at the lovely island of Idöborg in the Stockholm archipelago. Before Amorina came to us to mate with Sunnyboy both Sunnyboy  and I visited Idöborg and had a lovely day together with all nice people and animals there. See more about the litter at Amorinas page here at our site.
I have decided that Sunnyboy's time as a fertile male will be limited. He is spraying markings in our home and the solution for us has been pants on Sunnyboy. He does not spray in his room (our dining room) so there he spends his night often with some company. He knows so well that he needs his pants on him before he goes into the rest of the house, he stands on three legs with one of his back legs lifted so that I can start to put his pants on and then he switches to the other. With the pants on he moves freely around the house and does not seem bothered by his pants, it more looks as he is proud of them. Of course we need to change the pants a number of times during the day.

We have had as a goal to get Sunnyboy to the European Champion title before neutering him especially as he has made such good results in cat shows. When we participated in NORAK's show in Oslo on December 9th 2007 we reached that goal. I am very proud of this as he became our first European Champion and he has earned that title very much. As Sunnyboy was enlisted to Alfakatten's show a week later he participated also there and got his first HP.

On December 20, 2007, finally, Sunnyboy became neutered and will now hopefully live a happy life as a retired male. Hopefully he will now have the time to eat some more and not run around so much in order for him to gain some more weight. I have promised him at least half a years vacation from cat shows.