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SP IC S*Ulabrands Sunnygirl


Born: 2004-06-21
Sex: Neutered Female
EMS-Colour-code: NFO fy24 (goldenspotted black tortie)
Merits: Supreme Premier &
International Champion

1 * BIS K
14 * NOM-K
1 * NOM-J
3 * BIV-K
11 * CAPS
3 * CAP
4 * CACIB (2 times same judge)
3 * CAC
1 * Ex1
Weight: approx. 4,5 kg
HCM: 2006-09-28 Normal
  2005-09-28 Normal
  2005-02-09 Equivocal
FIV/FeLV: 2006-09-28 Negative
Blood type: 2006-09-28 A
GCS IV 2008-08-30 Negative
Sunnygirl is born in the same litter as  Sunnyboy.

Sunnygirl is the first Norwegian Forest Cat that I fell in love with when I was searching for new cat-friends. This quite and unusually coloured cat I felt that I really wanted to get acquainted with. When I contacted the breeder I learned that she was already booked but later on I got lucky as she became available and I could buy her together with her brother Sunnyboy. I was very happy when I was driving down to Helsingborg during a weekend in September and was able to pick up my first NFO-friends.

Sunnygirl is the cat in our cattery that always looks out for everybody else. She helps the others to trim their coat and she will cover up after others in the cat-toilet. If any of the other cat get a bit too much irritated on each other she will also go in between and make sure everybody is OK. Especially if her brother Sunnyboy gives too much unwanted attention to one of the cat-ladies Sunnygirl fixes it so that the other cat get a chance to get out of reach from Sunnyboy.

Sunnygirl likes to take care of kittens, she will help out as soon as their mother lets her. The kittens or young cats also enjoys to spend time with her, they search her company early in their lives. When their mother tries to push them away they are welcome to Sunnygirl for nursing and caress. Sunnygirl does not mind that the other cats are bigger than she is, she still takes care of them.

Sunnygirl is a bit reserved to strangers. She will also leave way to the other cats when they come and want attention. But if there is some critical situation it is Sunnygirl who acts in order to protect all. It is also normally Sunnygirl that creates the new games and tricks. When I then comes along she plays a more withdrawn role.

Sunnygirl is our smartest cat. I can almost never fool her into doing something that she doesn't want to do. She will quickly understand what is going to happen and act accordingly. She will hide if we are about to go in the car to go to the veterinary or go to our weekend cottage. She will also hide if we are about to cut the claws, take her p-pills or get weighted. She will always find new places to hide. When I come looking for her she will change hiding place when I don't see her. In this way she can end up someplace where I have already looked.

Sunnygirl does not like to be carried, she want to stand on her own feet as she want to retain control. She enjoys to spend time with me and like to be close by. She actually prefers if she can get my attention and caress without having to share with the other cats. If some other cat comes along while I am patting her she will soon give up her place in favour to the other cat. When we are together alone she really doesn't know how to show me how much she enjoys it, she almost looks as if she is turning herself inside out. She loves having my fingers run through her coat, she gets so excited that she at last she needs to take my fingers between her teeth but very very carefully.

Sunnygirl likes to participate in all kinds of games. She loves to chase the laser pointer or play with a feather toy. She is also an excellent climber and as she does not weigh very much she can stay climbing for a long time. If other cats come and join in the play she will make sure they get enough room to be able to participate in the play.

Like Sunnyboy Sunnygirl can produce a great variety of sounds but the volume of her sounds is normally much lesser. She frequently talks to me or some other cat telling us a lot. I think the other cats understand what she is saying a lot better than I do. I have never heard her do the normal meow that most cats do. She does not like to travel in a car, she will soon start to make sounds that sounds like she was practising scales to tell us that she thinks it is enough and this singing can be quite loud. This scale singing is her way of saying that she does not feel to good about travelling in the car.

Sunnygirl's colour is not one of the usual ones for Norwegian Forest Cats. On many of the shows that she has participated in it has taken a long time for the judges to discuss her colour. After we changed her EMS-code and took away the s for silver it has become slightly better. All now agree upon that she is in the right group (group 5) but that her EMS-code needs further definition of her colour, the only question is what it should be. Could it be one of the new amber colours or is she golden? So far no judge have been able to define it.

Sunnygirl gave birth to her first litter 2007-08-24. Father to the litter is the wonderful EC S*Mighty Claws Garion. See more abut Sunnygirl's litter at our E-litter.
Sunnygirl was neutered on August 26, 2008.