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GIC S*Sjöhorvan's Carmen

Carmen liggande på golvet innanför nätet
Born: 2004-08-23
Sex: Female
EMS-Colour-code: NFO n
Merits: Grand International Champion
1 * NOM
3 * CACE
3 * CACIB,
3 * CAC,
3 * Ex1
Weight: approx. 4,7 kg
HCM 2011-03-07 Normal
  2009-01-13 Normal
  2006-09-28 Normal
  2005-09-28 Normal
GSD IV 2008-08-30 Negative

Carmen is from the same litter as Cajza. Carmen is also mother to our second litter, Sunnygirl's B-litter, and to our fourth litter, Sunnygirl's D-litter.

Carmen knows how to enjoy life. She will find the most comfortable places to rest and will make sure she has them to herself. She is a nice little lady that does not move unnecessarily or get into situations where she will get dirty.

One of the favourite positions is to be carried around on my arm. If we had one of those walking reins for babies Carmen would enjoy to be carried in it. By sitting there she can observe what happens without any effort and at the same time she can get caressed by me which she loves.

Carmen also enjoys to rest in my arms like a small baby when I am working with my PC or read documents. She demands to get constantly petted. My work is though not so effective with her in my arms. Sometimes she is satisfied with lying close to me on the table and then it is a bit easier to work.

If she is not allowed to sit on my arm she enjoys to rest on a sheepskin in an armchair. It is both nice to lie on and there is a special feeling to the nose and paws that she enjoys. She will almost go into trance when she steps on the sheepskin. If nothing else is available she will rest in the best cat-bed we have.

Carmens special moment with me is to come early in the morning and get into my bed and rest on my arm. There she will sleep for a couple of hours if we have time. She wakes me on and off to get petted.

Carmen purrs just as her sister Cajza but not as loud. Her "talk" is also with a much more silent voice. If there is some other noise in the room you can hardly hear her.

When the other cats start to play she will mostly sit and watch them. Sometimes she will also participate for a short while in the play. Compared with the other cats she is not as playful as them.

Carmen has also a thick and long fur coat, even if it is not as thick as Cajza's. Like Cajza she enjoys to get help to comb through the fur coat. Even in the summer she carries this big fur coat and if the weather is hot she will try to find cool places to rest. Sometimes she lies on her back with all the legs in the air to allow some cooling of her belly.

When Sunnyboy gives her special attention she will tell him very definitely that she is not interested with a loud hiss. Of course the reaction is totally different if she is in her period then it is almost so that Sunnyboy need to find some protection from her. Carmen has mated with Sunnyboy and on the 9th of February 2006 she gave birth to our second litter consisting of 5 kittens (S*Sunnygirl's B-litter). Her second litter (S*Sunnygirl's D-litter), this time also with Sunnyboy, she got on the 27th of February 2007. Also this time 5 kittens.

Carmen and our Enzo has mated in April 2009. During the night between June 11 and 12, 2009 Carmen gave birth to four wonderful and big kittens, our G-litter.

Carmen and our Enzo mated again in May 2011. Carmen gave birth to 3 kittens on July 20th, 2011, this is our J-litter and Carmen's 4th litter.