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GIC S*Sjöhorvan's Cajza

Born: 2004-08-23
Sex: Female
EMS-Colour-code: NFO a 09
The colour coding has been changed a number of times between  NFO as 09 (group 8) and NFO a 09 (group 2).
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Merits: Grand International Champion
1 * BIV
1 * NOM
1 * CACE
4 * CAC (1 in group 8 and 3 in group 2)
Weight: approx. 5,8 kg
HCM 2009-01-13 Normal
  2006-09-28 Normal
  2005-09-28 Normal
GCD IV 2008-08-30 Negative

Cajza is from the same litter as Carmen. She is mother to our first litter,  S*Sunnygirl's A-litter, and our third litter, Sunnygirl's C-litter.

Cajza is a very alert and funny cat-girl that will tell when she is close, is about to do something special or just wants attention. She makes a special sound that sounds like something between a rumble and chirp. She also has a very loud purr that starts as soon as you are close to her. I hear her purr quite frequently as she enjoys to rest close by me.

Cajza has an extremely thick and long fur coat. At a show a judge said that even if we took away 2/3 of her coat she would have more than most Norwegian Forest Cats. She likes help to attend to the coat both with a comb or with your fingers petting her. As soon as any cat gets petted or combed she comes rushing to get attended to, she will place herself closest to the comb or the patting hand. In the process of placing herself in a good position she does not seem to notice that she bars the way for other cats to get attended to.  She also likes to cuddle with the other cats, this is the cat-girl that just loves everybody.

The thick fur coat comes very handy for Cajza in the winter. She loves to sleep outside in the cold weather. I have frequently found her outdoors in the morning all covered in snow. She will not feel the cold or wetness through her warm coat.

Cajza does not like to be carried or rest on your knee but she loves to rest close to you. As I sit at my desk and work frequently when I am home she often lies next to the computer or in the middle of all papers. She also likes to jump into the bookshelf behind my back and rest while she has a good view of what I am doing.

All new things that I bring home need a thorough investigation by Cajza before she releases them as safe to be stored away. Especially if it is possible to get inside them she will try them out and investigate the inside as well. Most things you can actually squeeze into if you try hard.

Cajza loves to take a rest in all kinds of bowls that is not normally intended as a cat bed. The fruit bowl in the kitchen is nice and small for her. If there is fruit in it she will either take it our or rest on top of it.

Cajza likes to help me in my shores. To water the plants is one example. She follows me and inspects every watered plant, if I move forward too fast she will protest with her typical sound.

Cajza and I have our very special time in the morning when I take my bath. She will then rest on the bathroom carpet next to the bathtub. She demands some patting now and then and also inspects that I am washing myself properly. When I want to get out of the bathtub she will not move so I have to climb over her and she gets all wet but does not care.

A cat toy with feathers is her favourite toy and she want to play with it before we get to sleep at night. SHe will dive wildly after it in the bed to chase the feathers. Frequently she will get company by Sunnygirl but Sunnygirl need to look out as sometimes Cajza is so engaged in the play that she will not notice that she by mistake jumps right on to Sunnygirl.

When I go into the kitchen Cajza will come rushing. She likes food especially if it is one of the favourite kinds. If that kind is not available she will try to make me bring the right kind out for her.

Cajza especially liked our male Sunnyboy almost since the day she moved in with us. This love was mutual. The first mating we had in the cattery was then of course between Cajza and Sunnyboy. On December 9th 2005 Cajza gave birth to our first litter of four kittens (A-litter). Cajza and Sunnyboy cared for this litter together almost to the point that Sunnyboy spent more time in the nest than Cajza. Their second litter (our C-litter) was born on February 6 - 7, 2007, also this time 4 kittens..

Since Sunnyboy started to see other cat-ladies Cajza's love for him has decreased a bit but she still enjoys his company if he is not too persistent.