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S*Sunnygirl's Charles


Born: 2007-02-07
Sex: Male Neuter
Father: PR EC S*Ulabrands Sunnyboy
Mother: GIC S*Sjöhorvan's Cajza
EMS-Colour-code: NFO a 01
Merits: 2 * Ex1
Weight: approx. 4,4 kg
HCM: 2009-01-26 Normal
GSD IV 2008-08-30 Both parents tested Negative

Photo: Mikaela Blank


You can read about Charles's first three months at the C-Litter tag, especially on his own page there..>>

Charles was born in our C-litter with our Sunnyboy as his father and our Cajza as his mother. He was born as the first kitten in that litter and I was quite surprised when I saw his markings and the amount of white he has. It was surprising as both his mother and his father only has limited amounts of white (EMS-code 09) in their markings.
Like his brother Carl he turned out to have a wonderful temperament. He starts to purr as soon as you pick him up. He is very curious and want to participate in most activities in the home. When we have visitors he is so curious that he will come forward and participate in the activities with our guests.
He became the favourite to Bertha who helped her aunt Cajza to take care of the kittens. Their relationship has continued even if Charles now is bigger than Bertha. She will willingly help him keep the white coat clean and he enjoys the help.
Strangely enough out of the kittens prospects that visited us during the sale period of the C- and D-litter nobody was interested in Charles, perhaps because that he did not look as a normal Norwegian Forest Cat. During the summer 2007 he has developed very well and his looks now fits well with the Norwegian Forest Cat standard, this also showed in the judges appraisal of him at Mälarkattens show in early August.
Charles now fits so well into the cattery that I have decided to also keep him.
On December 20, 2007 Charles was neutered. Charles had not yet shown any signs of being fertile but we did this as a precaution as his brother Carl had some dates with catladies coming up and we did not want to cause any difficulties. Charles father Sunnyboy was neutered the same day.