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S*Sunnygirl's Bianca

Born: 2006-02-09
Sex Neutered Female
Father: IP EC S*Ulabrands Sunnyboy
Mother: GIC S*Sjöhorvan's Carmen
EMS-Colour-code: NFO n 09 22
Merits: 3 * Ex1
1 * BIV
Weight: approx. 4,5 kg
HCM: 2009-01-26 Normal
  2008-02-26 Normal
FIV/FeLV: 2008-02-26 Negative
Blood type: 2008-02-26 A
GSD IV 2008-08-30 Both parents tested Negative

You can see and read about Bianca's first three months at the B-Litter tag, especially on her own page there.>>

Bianca is a bit more discrete than her sister Bertha. She is also a very social cat but she has more respect for other cats and humans. She will most of the time allow another cat to finish what it is doing and wait for her turn.

Bianca loves to be patted, she takes any opportunity she can get and almost all are allowed to pat her. Especially to get patted on her belly is a favourite, then there is no limit to her enjoyment. .

Bianca is very interested in birds. Outside our kitchen window there is a feeding table for birds that is frequently visited. Bianca likes to sit in the window and look at the birds feeding. This makes her so excited that her teeth will rattle.

Playing is another favourite occupation. She will join any cat in the competition for the laser pointer dot, a catnip mouse or a feather toy. She also likes to wrestle with her sister Bertha, as she is much bigger she is almost always on the top.

Bianca likes to be outdoors. She can sit for hours in the cat garden and look at all the things that happens outside. If a dear or a hare comes by she thinks it is very interesting and she can't take her eyes of it.

When it comes to sleeping she has occupied the top of the cat three, from there she can observe everything that happens. Especially she looks out for when I raise, then she immediately comes down to say "Good Morning" and get the days first session of patting.

Like her sister Bertha, Bianca has enjoyed kittens from the litters we have had since Bianca was born. She does not turn up as the helping nanny when the kittens are really small but when they are a bit older she cares much for them and she is very proud when they allow her to care for them. She also has a much longer relationship with the kittens than their natural mother have with them. I believe that Bianca will be a very good mother to her own kittens when that time comes.

Bianca was neutered 2009-06-04. She had been going without p-pills for a full year and only been in heat for a couple of times during that time, none of which a date was possible. As she now is almost 3,5 years old before getting kittens we thought it was a bit too late. She can instead enjoy life as a happy neuter and take care of the other ladies kittens.