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CH S*Sunnygirl's Bertha

Born: 2006-02-09
Sex: Neutered Female
Father: IP EC S*Ulabrands Sunnyboy
Mother: GIC S*Sjöhorvan's Carmen
EMS-Colour-code: NFO n 22
Merits: Champion
Weight: approx. 3,5 kg
HCM: 2008-02-26 Normal
FIV/FeLV: 2008-02-26 Negative
Blood type: 2008-02-26 A
GSD IV 2008-08-30 Both parents tested Negative

You can see and read about Bertha's first three months at the B-Litter tag, especially on her own page there.>>

Bertha is quite small for being a Norwegian Forest Cat but she is a cat with a great personality. If you visit us you will for sure notice Bertha, she is always around when something happens and she knows what she wants and how to go about getting it.

Bertha is a very social cat. She loves everybody both humans and other cats. As soon as she finds someone that caress her she starts a very distinct purr to tell that she enjoys the attention. She loves to lick my face and ears and accompanies that with her satisfied purr. Then she falls asleep on my chest blowing and purring into my ear. When the light comes in the morning and she thinks it is time to get awake she will start to lick my face and if I still don't move she will lightly bite my eyelashes, that is a sure thing to get me fully awake. As soon as I am awake she demands to be caressed again. When I raise she takes her favourite position on my shoulder where she stays until the morning routine is finished. She has definite views on how much mascara and eyeliner I should put on. She takes the same favourite position if we are doing something interesting in the kitchen or somewhere else, it gives her a good view of what is going on.

Bertha is a very precocious cat. She has realised that she sometimes needs tools or assistance to get what she wants. If she wants to get somewhere that she can't reach by herself she will either take a well placed and timely jump via your back or shoulder when you are passing or she will simply sit  below and make sure you understand where she wants to go by make noises. Someone will mostly come to her rescue. She also uses her paw to reach for treats, you need to look our for her quick tries to snatch something. She will also use her paw to reach where her nose or tongue will not reach, if there is something she likes to try in a jar she will gladly put her paw into it and then lick it clean, if it was good she will redo the procedure. 

Bertha is the smallest cat in the cattery but she is by no means the one with the smallest appetite. As soon as she feels the smell of something she likes she will start to beg for it and it does not matter if we have visitors. As she is so quite she will most of the time get to taste some and if she is not offered she will find ways to serve herself. Like her father she eats many things that are not usually on a cats menu. Some of the favourite things are bread, cake or cookies, the very same things that her father likes. Ice-cream is also not bad.

Bertha is probably a cat with a fairly high rank in the cattery. Most other cats give way to her when she wants to eat, play or spend time with me. Her mother Carmen or her mothers sister Cajza sometimes try to foster her. She will still always be at the very front when something happens or when something is offered. At bedtime she holds the vitamin pasta tube in a firm grip between her front paws in order for nobody else to reach it.

When Bertha's mothers sister, Cajza, had her second litter Bertha showed up as the natural nanny to the small kittens. She was more eager and caring about the kittens than their real mother was and she made sure the kittens did not have any unwanted visits. She has also stayed as a caring nanny long after Cajza has left the kittens to explore the world on their own. Bertha will still wash and care for the kittens even if they are now bigger than she is. Bertha acted in exactly the same way when her mother Carmen had her second litter. It is going to be interesting to see how she cares for kittens of her own.

During the end of August 2008 Bertha visited the lovely male CH S*Kaup Home Cat's Swing. On November 1, 2008 Bertha gave birth to her first litter, our F-litter. Bertha is a very proud and caring mother to her 4 kittens.

Bertha was neutered on March 26, 2009.