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S*Sunnygirl's Albert

Born: 2005-12-09
Sex: Male Neuter
Father: IC EC S*Ulabrands Sunnyboy
Mother: GIC S*Sjöhorvan's Cajza
EMS-Colour-code: NFO ns 09
Merits: 1 * CAP
Weight: approx. 4,8 kg
HCM: 2009-01-26 Normal
GSD IV 2008-08-30 Both parents tested

You can read about Albert's first three months at the A-Litter tag, especially on his own page there..>>

Albert is really fond of treats. He will rush to you as soon as you get anywhere close to the jar with treats. He can hear this even if he is far away. Albert also likes to nurse, first he nursed from his mother Cajza and when she no longer accepted that he went to Cajza's sister Carmen who had younger kittens. Carmen willingly accepted him and he was the last one that she turned away. Since Carmen no longer accepts him nursing Albert tries on and off to nurse on Sunnygirl, who really don't understand what he does but most of the time  she allows it.

Albert is a bit reserved. Before he really involves wholeheartedly in play or otherwise he wants to check that there are no threats around. He loves to play especially with the laser pointer. He waits patiently in the evenings until we bring the laser pointer out and he will run after the red dot until he can no longer breathe.

Albert admires his father Sunnyboy enormously. He wants to spend most of his time together with his father and follows him whenever he can. If he can Albert also likes to sleep close to Sunnyboy. So far Sunnyboy accepts that but he is busy with a cat lady he gets a bit embarrassed about being studied by his son.

In some way Albert understands that he is not as old as Sunnyboy, Sunnygirl, Carmen and Cajza. He also realizes that he is not as young as Bertha and Bianca. He loves to play with all of the cats but takes extra care when he plays with the younger ones. Albert has great love for all cats in the cattery, he will not miss an opportunity to get close and cuddle with another cat and all cats seem to enjoy to be close to him. After he was neutered even his mother now again allows him to get close and cuddle.

When Albert was about 7 months old his father, Sunnyboy, noted that Albert was becoming a male. This lead to that Sunnyboy started to mark his territory. They were still good friends but Sunnyboy stated that he was the male in the cattery. To avoid these markings and avoid unwanted pregnancies I finally decided to neuter Albert. Albert became a neuter on September 6, 2006. All went well and Albert has after this become much less reserved to people. All other cats he still loves just as before.