S*Sunnygirl's Cattery


S*Sunnygirl's I-Litter

The I-litter was born 17:33 on August 10, 2010.


CH S* Västmyrskattens Saturnus "Mimas"  
NFO a 09 22
GIC S*Sunnygirl's Emilia
NFO n 24


Name: Sex: EMS-Colour-code: Weight at birth: Status: Lives with:
S*Sunnygirl's Ida Female NFO a 22 78 gram Booked Marie in Vendelsö
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Colour-codes and sex might need adjustments. Time will tell.
The names of the kittens comes from my relatives on both my fathers side.
For Sale The cat is for sale. It is not regarded as sold, booked or someone has shown high interest.
Interest Someone has shown high interest for the cat.
Booked Someone has booked the cat and paid down payment.
Sold The cat has moved to its new home and is fully paid.
Pedigree for the I-litter:
Västmyrskattens Saturnus, NFO a 09, 2008-07-31, SE/SE [h]

Aktiva Katten's Brasse, NFO a 09 23, 2007-01-01
Bustassen's Cesar, NFO a, 2006-02-11 [h]
IC Restless Mosaic, NFO a 23, 2005-01-04, SE/- [h]
Sunniva av Sandrabben, NFO n 09 24, 2002-03-16
Assembla Star's Bertholiine, NFO ns 09 24, 2005-08-27
IC Elvdal's Magnús, NFO ns 09 23, 2003-03-27 [h]
CH Lindskjalv's Duneyer, NFO ns 22, 2004-04-27, DK/SE [p] [h]
Anniehoods Pidgey, NFO fs 09 23, 2006-02-27, SE/- [h]
On Tin Tio's Soldier blue, NFO a, 2002-02-11
PR & CH Sannafjället's Celsius, NFO as 24, 2000-06-17
GIC Tassajara's Sol, NFO a 09, 1996-11-10
Anniehoods Liebling, NFO w, 2004-01-05, SE/-
IC Rockringen's Oldfield, NFO d 09 24, 2000-09-01, SE/-
CH Anniehoods Xelent Ella, NFO w, 1996-11-03
GIC Sunnygirl's Emilia, NFO n 24, 2007-08-24, SE/SE [h]

EC Mighty Claw's Garion, NFO n 22, 2003-06-27 [p] [h]
IC Escamillo Felis Jubatus, NFO a 09, 2001-11-12
EC Flødekaramel Felis Jubatus, DM, NFO e 09 23, 1998-01-02, DK/DK
Greatest Hits Evelyn Hope, NFO a 09 23
Morr Hoppans Ozca, DM, NFO f 09 22, 1999-11-01 [h]
PR & EC Solkullas Frode, NFO d 22, 1998-04-20
GIC Morr Hoppans Luna, NFO ns 09 22, 1996-07-05
SP IC Ulabrands Sunnygirl, NFO f 24, 2004-06-21 [h]
EC Ulabrands Quintus, NFO ds 09 23, 2003-07-25
EC Ulabrands Merlot, NFO a 09 22, 2002-08-15, SE/DK
Silverbells Goldie, NFO d 23, 2002-04-15 [h]
Silverbells Chayenne, NFO ns 09 22, 2001-05-09
Kopparhatten's Blue Gauguin, NFO as 09 21, 1998-09-04
Tigressan's Xmariet, NFO n 09 24, 1999-09-23