S*Sunnygirl's Cattery




Name: Royal-Sunrise
Nickname: Yoshi
Breed: Poodle
Colour: Silver
Born: 1963-04-20
Dead: Spring 1976
Breeder: Yvonne Andersson, Enebyberg

I got the poodle puppy Yoshi from my parents when we moved to Hässelby. At that time I was 11 years old and she became my very best friend. We spent most of the time together and she shared all my secrets.

Yoshi got her nickname from that we during 1962 had travelled to Asia and spent some time in Japan. We liked their culture a lot. We were told that Yoshi meant "adopted child" and that that name is often carried by adopted children in Japan. As we looked upon our dog as an adopted child we thought it fitted her well.

Yoshi was a wise and very active dog.  The most popular play was to play fetch with a tennis-ball. She could do this for hours with out giving up. She also loved different types of baby toys that gave a loud sound when you squeezed it, this could make you crazy when it went on too long.

  During her last years Yoshi developed diabetes. She had to have insulin injections every day. This worked very well as long as we had a snack for her as a reward after taking the injection. Over time the diabetes made her loose her eyesight but she managed fine as long as we did not move things into new locations.

In the spring of 1976 she became so ill that we had to let her go into eternal sleep.