S*Sunnygirl's Cattery


Tassemarkens Earl Grey's



  Born: 2008-08-04
Mother: S*Kvarnstugans Vildtora
             NFO n 09 24
Father: Tassemarkens Earl Grey
            NFO a 09 23
Name: Sex: EMS-Colour-code:
S*Kvarnstugans Nudie Female NFO a 23
S*Kvarnstugans Rockies Male NFO a 23
S*Kvarnstugans Stella Kei Female NFO n 09 23
S*Kvarnstugans Marlow Male NFO n 23
S*Kvarnstugans Miss Sixty Female NFO n 09 22
S*Kvarnstugans Zara Female NFO n 23
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Photos from my visit to S*Kvarnstugans
Thank You Bittan and Ulf for a wonderful Sunday!